The Royal Academy of Art - Prinsessegracht 4,
Den Haag, Netherlands
September 2020

Photography by Io Alexa Sivertsen

Coastline is a site specific performance piece for Netherlands particularly, a third of the country is below sea-level with its lowest point at -6,7m. The startingpoint of the performance is the waterlevel of the given location, which in this case is 1m under NAP (Normaal Amsterdams Peil - the average high water mark).

A human body attempts to swim in space wearing a wetsuit. In a two-pointed harness, which allows versatile movements of the body, the performer moves slowly. The gravity leads the choreography, even a subtle adjustment changes the balance. With a crane which the hangingsystem is attatched to, the performer elevates, floating at imaginary horizons of the worst case future scenarios.